Safari Services


The range of advisory services provided for commercial safari and wildlife businesses include:


  • For credit raising
  • As part of mergers and acquisition
  • For facilitating internal restructuring between shareholders

Corporate structuring and restructuring

  • Helping shareholders to achieve greater capital efficiency
  • To optimize capital when operating across national borders

Financing including capital raising

  • For working capital
  • For expansion capital
  • For introduction of new shareholders
  • Due diligence work on the above

Mergers and acquisitions

  • Assist shareholder(s) to dispose of their equity
  • Assist business to expand through acquisition of complementary businesses
  • Assist with the creation of operating efficiencies through mergers

BEE structuring

  • To enable the entry of staff into the business’s equity
  • To enable a new BEE partner to invest in the business

Strategic and operational planning

Safari Investment Advisory generally recovers success fees from the transaction with a negotiable retainer arrangement during the due diligence process that the precedes the advisory work.